Wanting On Wednesday: Apartment Finds Under $175

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The end of August will mean a new apartment & while it’s a smaller space than I’ve been in, it’s in a prime location. I can’t wait! With a new apartment comes the chance to redecorate & start fresh, adding in new pieces to coordinate with older ones. Decorating is a fun process for me & I love bargains & vintage pieces. Having a cozy, beautiful space to come home to is important to me & for that reason I tend to stick with whites, beiges & neutrals with pops of color [ I consider black a color & love it with green & gold ].

For my new apartment, I’m really going to focus on brightening it up. Adding ART to the walls will be important [ fave shops HERE, HERE, HERE ]. With a longer entry hall, a beautiful TABLE is a must for the space. I also really want to add life in the form of SUCCULENTS – how cute are THESE planters? Also – graphic print tees? How about graphic print DOORMATS? I’m all in for this interior design trend!

ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE // SIX // SEVEN // EIGHT // NINE // TEN [ less expensive HERE ] // ELEVEN // TWELVE //

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