The Swap Out: Mashed Cauliflower



My style of eating has led me to ask this question over the years: What can I make/eat/buy that is healthier & TASTES the same as ______ [ or sort of the same ], but won’t make me feel deprived? I want to start sharing my knowledge on the topic of healthy food swaps with all of you. Let the Swap Out commence!

Today, let’s talk mashed potatoes.

Generally, I stay away from pasta, bread, starchy carbs, etc & only very occasionally do I indulge. I was once a carbaholic 5 years ago, but the lethargic feeling that comes with basing much of your diet off of such a heavy food group just wasn’t working for me anymore. Now, I’m so used to this way of eating & how great it makes me feel that unless it’s a fabulous pizza or homemade pasta, I just don’t go there.

My recipe for mashed cauliflower is insanely yummy & tastes so much like the real thing that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. While regular mashed potatoes, prepared with whole milk & butter, have roughly 225 calories per cup, my mashed cauliflower has only roughly 50 [ !! ] calories per cup. You could pretty much eat ALL of the mashed cauliflower for the equivalent of only one cup of mashed potatoes – & let’s be real here guys – who eats only one cup of mashed potatoes? Let’s compare some other nutritional stats:  mashed cauliflower has only 6 g carbs & .5 g fat vs. mashed potatoes’ 36 g carbs & 9 g fat! Cauliflower is also anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins & minerals & a detoxifier for the body [ read more HERE ] – take that potato!


Super Simple Mashed Cauliflower


– one head cauliflower, chopped into florets

– 1/4 – 1/2 cup unsweetened almond, coconut or other non-dairy milk [ feel free to use dairy milk if you’d like! ]

– fresh herbs

– salt & pepper

– hand blender [ could also use masher ]


1. Steam cauliflower florets until fork tender. Remove from heat.

2. Add milk to cauliflower.

3. Using hand blender, blend cauliflower until creamy or desired consistency. Add herbs, salt & pepper to taste.

Adrian-James-Swap-Out-Mashed-Cauliflower-healthy-alternative-low-carb-healthy-eating Adrian-James-Swap-Out-Mashed-Cauliflower-healthy-alternative-low-carb-healthy-eating

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