Talking Health: Apple Cider Vinegar


I take a shot in the morning. Not that kind of shot. One that has tons of benefits for your body – inside & out.

About four years ago, seeking some answers for my acne & a little boost to my metabolism, I read about apple cider vinegar & it’s amazing health benefits. Every morning, I measured out two tablespoons of raw/unfiltered ACV & quickly downed it followed by water before breakfast. Within weeks, my acne had cleared up & my skin glowed. I had more energy & was less bloated.

To this day, a shot of ACV is still an integral part of my morning routine. Apple cider vinegar is a simple, effective & natural health trick that takes 5 seconds every morning & has serious benefits including:

// Aids in weight loss [ helps feelings of fullness, controls appetite & stabilizes blood sugar ]

// Clears complexion  

// Boosts energy & immunity [ restores alkalinity/pH balance ]

Oh, and if shots aren’t your thing or if you have issues getting this down [ I won’t tell you it tastes good…but that’s why I take a shot of it…], I’ve included a quick recipe for an apple cider vinegar drink that may make it go down a bit more smoothly:


In addition to a shot every morning, I occasionally mix 1 part ACV to 2 parts EVOO & whatever other herbs/citrus I feel like for a metabolism boosting dressing & marinade perfect for kale.

ACV is also a natural remedy for ailments such as upset stomach & nasal/sinus congestion. Can it get any more versatile? If apple cider vinegar isn’t in your cabinet already, it needs to be!

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