Smitten / 1.22.15


[ playing at Alice + Olivia in SoHo 12.31.14 / jacket: Topshop [ sold out ] // jeans: Madewell // sneakers: Nike ]

I’ll admit I use the word obsessed a lot. What can I say, I get really involved & I have strong feelings about pretty much everything. Instead of obsessed, I think the word smitten may more accurately capture how I feel in a less aggressive way & a more hey-I-really-like-this-hint-hint way. Do you agree?

Here’s what’s currently got me smitten

1) Warm beverages – Yes, it is cold in Chicago & yes, I have visions of beaches nearly obscuring my vision as I fight through bitingly cold winds on my way to work. Aside from the obvious coffee addiction, I’ve been warming up with YOGI SKIN DETOX tea [ in my FAVORITE MUG, of course ]. It has a mildly sweet, floral taste & has the added bonus of literally making your skin glow at a time when dry skin & other winter skin woes tend to occur. Because this tea has caffeine, at night I hop on the bandwagon [ see HERE ] & sip on BONE BROTH. Equally satisfying & full of health benefits [ proteins, minerals & vitamins for a healthy gut / collagen & keratin for healthy skin ], I was instantly hooked on this “liquid gold.” I have been using PACIFIC FOODS CHICKEN BONE BROTH [ 9g protein/1 cup! ], but have slowly been saving up enough chicken bones from my weekly roasted chicken to make my own homemade in the crock pot. I will be posting a recipe soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the upcoming weeks.

2) Smooth lips – Keeping lips from drying out & becoming flaky is tough during this time of year, but luckily I discovered BITE BEAUTY’S AGAVE LIP MASK. Throw it on before bed & in the morning lips are soft & smooth. If you want something for daytime, grab one with a hint of color [ HERE, HERE ]. While I haven’t tried it yet, I think the perfect combo would be to use the SCRUB followed by the mask for the ultimate rejuvenation. THIS caught my eye too [ anyone tried it? ].

3) Awards season Since I can remember, the excitement of the Globes, the Grammys & the Oscars & has always sucked me in. I love the dresses, the movies, the speeches…everything! The past few years I haven’t paid much attention to the nominations, just who wins & what they wear, but this time around I’ve been really trying to see a majority of the movies. I started with Boyhood which I 110% recommend – there was something so touching in its simple yet groundbreaking portrayal of growing up. I was surprised at how emotional it made me. Others on my list include Wild, Birdman, The Imitation Game & American Sniper.

4) Athleisure [ hint: above picture is totally athleisure ] – Sweats as pants beyond the comforts of your room are a thing now – & I’m not mad about it. I love mixing a more casual piece with something dressier – it makes life more fun. I’ve fully embraced the athleisure trend with varying colors & styles of sneakers, but by far my favorite are the ROSHE RUN sneakers by Nike. I don’t know what it is, but they are the perfect casual shoe that instantly make your look ultra athleisure-ly. Side-but-important note: these are NOT workout shoes!

5) Toasty blankets – After a long day, there is nothing more perfect than cozying up into bed with a HEATED BLANKET. There really isn’t much more to say on this besides they are completely necessary for the brutally cold winter nights. Mood booster.

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