The Steps to Planning Pregnancy

planning pregnancy

Ovulation is a part of a woman’s monthly cycle. It is during these days that a woman has her peak fertility so the chance of getting pregnant is at its highest. In ovulation, ovaries release the eggs making them available to be fertilized by male sperm. Typically, ovulation happens 14 days from the start of the usual 28 day menstrual cycle. Some signs are observable and manifest ovulation. Needless to say that timing ovulation is vital in partners who prefer natural method of getting pregnant.

The signs that mark ovulation days include measuring the lowest body temperature. This is the temperature that is slightly below the normal consistent body temperature. After which, a sharp rise in temperature indicates that ovulation happened and this temperature then continues to the next cycle. There are also thick and white discharges seen which are actually cervical fluids that tend to change during ovulation. Consistency of this discharge varies among women. Light spotting also appears as a result of estrogen acting before ovulation happens. This hormone estrogen circulates and in very negligible level of progesterone, some uterine lining is shed which appears as the light spotting. Women also experience pain during ovulation. Ovulation pain, or Mittelschmerz, is like mild cramping and sometimes disappears when ignored as a gut problem.


Other signs of ovulation consist of increased sexual desire, bloating, tender breasts, increased senses, increased liveliness, and water retention. Kits are also available to determine and verify the presence of the discussed signs and know if the body is near ovulation. By measuring the hormonal levels during ovulation, LH or luteinizing hormone, women can time their peak of fertility.

A lot of changes happen during the monthly cycle of females, and the importance of knowing that these changes normally occur is important to avoid fear of having reproductive complications. Moreover, timing ovulation is helpful for women who are trying to get pregnant.

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