My Cleanse Culture Experience


As I mentioned two Friday Five’s ago, I did a juice cleanse. Considering I eat a diet high in fruits & veggies on the reg, this really wasn’t something I was dreading & I enjoyed the experience overall. Experimenting with different health trends is a hobby of mine & I find it fun [ yes, FUN ] to try out different ways of eating.  Then I get to share my experiences with all of you! So, let’s get to it.

So why did I do it?

The Chicago winter really got to me & with being new to the city, I was feeling a little lonely & cooped up. More over-indulging & less moving had me feeling like crap. After Miami, I was in a better head space & do some spring cleaning!

I read an article about brand-new Des Plaines-based Cleanse Culture & was instantly intrigued not only because they are local but also because they offer a variety of cleanse options, including a raw food detox, AND they donate a portion of proceeds to Bright Pink.  Win win!

Once I checked out their site, they immediately stood out from other cleanses I have researched as they have a huge amount of juices available. Too often, once you’ve tried a company’s 3-day cleanse with the same juices repeated, you’ve A) tried their entire variety & B) need a serious break from that kale apple ginger you’ve been sipping all day everyday. Now if you are the kind of person who can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch & dinner, more power to you, but I’m just not that person, so for this, I appreciated Cleanse Culture.

I ended up doing the Green Juice Cleanse as opposed to the other option that I considered, the Signature Seasonal Juice Cleanse. I ain’t scared of the green!


How did I do this time around?

Maybe it was the variety/yummy taste of the juices or the fact that I was super hydrated & always sipping something, but I didn’t feel hungry or cranky ever except on the last day just a tad. I should also mention that I did choose to do it Friday – Sunday, so I only had to get through one work day which I believe makes a huge difference. Every juice was different & I always looked forward to the Strawberries N’ Cream Cashew Milk at the end of the day – it was like dessert!

And after?

Previous juice cleanses I kind of just went back to how I ate before (I’ve done two). This time around, I made a conscious effort to gain the most out of the experience, so I followed the post-cleanse menu fairly closely & I’m not lying – I floated through my week without any temptations & my sugar cravings were at 0 which is huge for me! Thin Mints in the freezer at work? Literally didn’t think about them when normally they plague me. All week long I was just so happy & focused on enjoyable activities. This was my biggest breakthrough – how damn addicted people are to what they eat & how much it affects mood. Not giving food a second thought or allowing ourselves to be taunted by it is so freeing. I have since added in eggs, dairy & meat in moderation [ & also totally had some Thin Mints at work today ], but my mindset on food is different & I’m even thinking about trying out a 30-day vegan challenge in the future.


1 // Spicy Lemonade [ LEMON, PINEAPPLE, CAYENNE PEPPER, MAPLE SYRUP, FILTERED WATER ] >> A good way to start the morning, but I was expecting more of a kick with “spicy” being part of the name.

2 // Simple Green [ CUCUMBER, GREEN APPLE, CELERY, LEMON ] >> A simple, green juice as its name implies. Smooth & easy to drink.

3 // Liquid Lunch [ ROMAINE LETTUCE, CUCUMBER, PEAR, GINGER, SAIGON CINNAMON ] >> The addition of saigon cinnamon added depth & heartiness.

4 // Minty Cucumber Melon [ CUCUMBER, GREEN APPLE, CELERY, HONEYDEW, MINT, LIME ] >> Super refreshing with hydrating cucumber & honeydew melon while the fragrant mint brought back memories of my Poppa’s greenhouse in the summer.

5 // Green Giant [ CUCUMBER, GREEN APPLE, ZUCCHINI, CELERY, PARSLEY, KALE, CILANTRO, ALOE VERA, LEMON ] >> A slightly more “green” taste, but still satisfying.

6 // Strawberries N’ Cream Cashew Milk [ FILTERED WATER, RAW CASHEWS, STRAWBERRY, VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP, BOURBON VANILLA BEAN, PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT ] >> Holy yum! Would be hard to survive any cleanse without something sweet at the end of the night. Creamy & reminiscent of a milkshake.


My favorite juice cleanse thus far! Great company & fabulous juices. Only downside is that I wish they had more delivery options & of course there is the whole price thing [ $195 for a 3-day cleanse ] but this is pretty standard.

[ Note: I paid for & chose to review this cleanse on my own. ]

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