Monday Motivation


With Thanksgiving days away, I encourage everyone to remember to be thankful this week. While the act of thankfulness is something ideally practiced year-round, the truth is it gets pushed to the side as we rush through our daily lives. It is so easy to think we aren’t the “lucky ones” – that if only this if only that, our lives would be PERFECT. Admittedly, I’m no different & get caught in this trap more often than I should. Let’s all sit down, take a breath & remember what we do have, because it’s much more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

What am I thankful for? My body – I can walk, breathe, touch, feel, smell, hear & kick ass at the gym. It sounds cliche, but our bodies are never to be taken for granted. Not everyone can walk, breathe, touch….it’s a powerful thing. I’m thankful for my family [ yes, including my dog ]; although small, there is more love than can ever be measured. I’m thankful for my friends who remind me everyday to laugh & push me to be my best self. I’m thankful for my ability to take chances – if not for that quality I would not be in Chicago today. I’m thankful for all of the struggles in my life, because they have led me to exactly where I am supposed to be. In this moment.

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