In My [Grocery] Bag: Whole Foods

This was just a quick trip to Whole Foods this past Saturday. Most of the items are staples in my kitchen & foods I rely on daily for healthy meals. Whole Foods can get pricey [Whole Paycheck anyone?], so I try & limit my trips & stick to less expensive options. I’ve been known to hit up 3 separate grocery stores in one day to make sure I get the best deals! Heres the break down on my Whole Foods haul:

1. PISTACHIOS // These are a fave snack lately, & one I didn’t discover until recently. I always go for the shelled, roasted & unsalted version. I find that having to shell each nut before eating slows me down & helps me to stay mindful on my consumption. In addition, pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts with about 160 calories per 1 ounce serving.

2. ROMA TOMATOES // So, yeah, tomatoes aren’t exactly in season, but I like ‘em & think they will taste great in the lentil salad I’m going to make this week!

3. HARMLESS HARVEST RAW COCONUT WATER // I don’t stick to one brand of coconut water, but Harmless Harvest is definitely my fave. It is on the pricier side, but it just tastes THE BEST & balances me out after a long day or tough workout.  Fun fact: if you find a pink bottle of Harmless Harvest, buy it! The pink one’s have higher antioxidant levels than their counterparts. Liquid gold pink if you ask me!

4. LENTILS // In a perfect world, I would buy dry lentils in bulk & cook them myself, but, let’s be honest – I rarely have the time [or patience]. Therefore, I rely on pre-cooked lentils.  These tiny legumes are a nutritional powerhouse full of protein & fiber. As we are gearing up for spring, I’ll be making lots of cold lentil salads like this one.

5. WHOLE FOODS ALTERNATIVE FUEL // Fresh squeezed in-store, you can’t get much greener than a juice made of celery, broccoli, parsley, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, wheatgrass, kale & spinach. For a lot of people this is probably WAY too many veggies & not enough fruit, but after years of adjusting to the greenest of green juice, I actually enjoy the flavor. I buy when I’m feeling in need of a re-check after overindulging.

6. GOAT CHEESE CRUMBLES // As a general rule, I try & limit my dairy consumption to organic Greek yogurts [see #7] & goat’s milk cheeses. These crumbles are a favorite of mine – I add to salads & omelets for a tangy dimension.

7. NONFAT GREEK YOGURT // As I said above, I limit dairy but do allow myself nonfat Greek yogurts when the feeling strikes. You really can’t beat the protein & I love the versatility that Greek yogurt provides. It’s great for both sweet & savory purposes with favorite uses being in smoothies & overnight oats, as an alternative to sour cream & mayo or just plain, sweetened with a bit of stevia, topped with berries.

8. BEETS // If lentils are time consuming to prepare, beets are even more so. In all honesty, I’ve never actually tried to roast my own beets as the process is intimidating. I’m OK with shelling over a few extra bucks for these already prepared crimson beauties. They pair perfectly with above goat cheese crumbles over some greens.

9. BABY SPINACH // Probably my most purchased item at the grocery store. I can’t say enough good things. We all know spinach is good for us, so I won’t preach, but it is SO versatile. I add to smoothies everyday as it is completely tasteless. At lunch, I toss a handful in with my salads. Also, if possible, go for organic with spinach!

10. MICROWAVE POPCORN // Popcorn is a great snack full of fiber that satisfies that “snacky” feeling a lot of us get. Some say that microwave popcorn isn’t the best, but I say screw it! Remember, perfect is the enemy of good.

11. SUNWARRIOR PROTEIN POWDER // This is my first time purchasing Sunwarrior, but I’ve heard great things about it for years now. Whole Foods only started carrying it within the last year, so I just always went with something else. I’m excited to add this to my smoothies in the morning or as a post-workout snack. I also really enjoy baking with protein powder, so I’m anxious to see how this fares compared to others I’ve tried. Tone It Up is great for baking FYI!

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