Healthy Habits: On Staying Hydrated

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Anyone reading this probably knows the importance of staying hydrated; however, knowledge does not always equal action. In my case, having the intent to drink more H2O isn’t enough – here are a few tricks I use to stay on track.

Get fancy with your bottle //  Don’t be afraid to take a water bottle everywhere! This ensures that you don’t miss out on your intake. I’m partial to BKR 1-liter bottles, but these are harder to carry around. You can also get them in 500 mL for easier transportation. In addition, the company has a great POLICY if your bottle breaks. Recently, I’ve also discovered S’WELL bottles which I like because they are easy to transport to workouts, keep drinks cold for 24 hours [ seriously! ] & come in unique colors & DESIGNS.

Infuse // To change up plain old water, add some fruit to the mix. Once you find the combo that you like, it seriously becomes so much easier to get your daily intake. I used to add Crystal Light to my water, but don’t follow that path & try to avoid fake, processed S@#*! Here are my favorite infusions:

Strawberry // Mint // Orange

Blueberry // Orange 

Strawberry // Cucumber // Lime

Chia Seed // Mint // Watermelon 

Raspberry // Lemon // Basil

My golden rule // I recently started using this trick which has helped me immensely – since my goal is to drink 3 liters of water a day, I make sure to drink 1 liter before each meal. I always struggled to drink water in the morning, but now I start in on my bottle first thing before I eat breakfast. My morning hunger acts as a motivator! I feel so energized & my whole body starts to wake up after that first bottle of water. Again at lunch, I drink my bottle before I eat & so on with dinner – try not to drink water with meals as this interferes with digestion. This rule has worked well for me since I get competitive with myself.

So, putting this altogether, how do I make sure I get my daily water intake?

The night before, I prep a 3-liter pitcher with my chosen infusion [ lately, the strawberry // cucumber // lime has been super refreshing ], shake it up and then add the flavored water to my 1-liter BKR, leaving the remaining 2 liters in the pitcher, so I’m all ready for the morning pre-breakfast chug!

Now that I shared my water drinking tips, what are yours? How do you make sure you get your daily intake?

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