Friday Five


Apologies that I’m just getting this out now as it’s been quite an unusual Friday; spending almost 24 hours without Internet access is terrifying & liberating at the same time. Anyway, I’m home in Cleveland for the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit early this year. Speaking of early, the snow has begun in northeast Ohio & I wasn’t quite ready for it, but I’m not sure I’m ever ready. Enjoy your weekend!

HOCUS POCUS is one of my favorite movies, so if a sequel is really happening, this is up there with some of the best news this year

In case anyone needs a reminder of why DRINKING WATER is so good for you

Do you think retailers should be open on THANKSGIVING Day?

I just ordered THESE for casual weekend outfits. How cool are they for running around town doing errands, but not actually running

THIS STORY makes me really sad & I will never take my dog on a flight with me

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