Friday Five


Can you believe it’s already November? I know, I know, typical, “can you believe how fast time is flying by?!” But seriously, I find that while oftentimes my days can drag, my weeks go by in the blink of an eye. I think these coming months are a great time to remember to slow down & savor every day. Every. Single. Day. There is something fabulous in each day, promise. Embrace the good. Forget the bad. I’m running a race on Sunday. I’ll probably be repeating that throughout. Wish me luck!

How many of these 20 TRIPS TO TAKE IN YOUR TWENTIES have you taken? I’d like to do the Full Moon Party in Thailand, Oktoberfest in Germany, the Holi Festival in India, Yacht Week in Croatia….ok all of them. Who wants to join?

New favorite WEBSITE!

It just wouldn’t be Halloween if it weren’t for PARENTS EATING ALL THE CANDY.

How does everyone feel about THIS? Sad? Nonchalant? OLD???!

36 HOURS IN TULUM has me craving a beach.


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