Friday Five


Happy Friday Saturday! I know I’m a day late on my Friday Five, but I still have to share my plans for this weekend because I’m too excited: my mom is coming along with the most handsome man in the world…my dog:


Hi Scout!

When my mom visits, we don’t usually plan much as we prefer to play it by ear, but we do have a list of things we’d LIKE to do; comedy show, nice dinner, dog park, etc. Possibly a few things from this GUIDE. Cheers to a great weekend!

Two things went viral this week that I can’t get enough of: DRUNK J.CREW & THIS VIDEO

Breaking down the EBOLA SPREAD into an easy-to-read timeline.

Thanks to GOLD COAST GIRL, I happily trotted [ ok Internet surfed ] over to DSW, to pick up a pair of these INCREDIBLE SHOES, only to find they were sold out in my size! If anyone knows a place I can still get them, I will love you.

Speaking of items wanted in my closet. This JACKET. And this ONE [ on sale! ].

I’ve been PINNING fall recipes like crazy [ 1. 2. 3. ]

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