Focus On Fitness: Core Power Yoga

For the longest time I didn’t “get” yoga. How could it help me? I never felt relaxed, only stressed that I couldn’t hold the poses. Plus, I felt like running or spinning was much more effective for my fitness goals. But the thought of doing yoga always stuck with me.

That’s when I found CorePower Yoga. I was intrigued by a week of free classes & went for it.

What is it?

CorePower has locations across 12 states from California to Massachusetts. They offer a range of different classes for beginners to advanced yogis.  I am only reviewing the Yoga Sculpt classes as these are the classes I take & enjoy. Yoga Sculpt is a total body workout that combines yoga with free weights to create resistance & intensify poses. Strength exercises [ think lunges, squats, bicep/tricep curls, etc ] are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. Oh ya, and the room is heated [ 92° – 95° ] with little to no humidity!


What did I think?

// FACILITY // In the Chicago area, there are 19 locations alone! This is a major plus in my book as no matter where I am I can usually make it to a class. Throughout the course of the week, I tried out different locations around my house & work [ Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Gold Coast, West Loop ] & definitely have favorites. I prefer the size of the Lakeview & Gold Coast studios as opposed to the tiny & awkward Lincoln Park studio. All facilities are decorated well with friendly front desk staff as well as plenty of merchandise from BKR bottles to Lululemon & Beyond Yoga apparel to plenty of mats from brands like Jade. You can rent a mat & towel for a small fee. I take this option more than I should as I hate to lug my mat around town.


// CLASS // Every class starts with traditional yoga sun salutations to warm up & music varies depending on the instructor [ it tends to speed up as we get going in class ]. You then pick up weights [ I alternate between 3, 5 & sometimes 8 pound weights ] to flow through sun salutations. Strength exercises are also added in for torture good measure. Tricep dips, pushups, mountain climbers & bicep curls are all common in a sculpt class [ each class varies ]. Let’s just say I didn’t know I could sweat so much in one hour! Classes push you to your limit, but you also feel the detoxifying & mental benefits from the poses & heat. I’m always super sore & super blissed out after each class. Great combo! I definitely started to crave the classes every day.

What I didn’t like:

There is no booking system & classes fill up quickly, so you need to get there early to reserve your space. Often, there are over-filled classes, making it uncomfortable to do any type of movement that is required [ super annoying! ]. Also, locker rooms get packed similarly to the classes. My advice is get to class EARLY!

// OVERALL // Considering I ended up purchasing a month unlimited after my free week [ a little bit of a late review! ], I’d say that alone speaks for itself. I can overlook the maxed out classes & locker rooms because I seriously love the benefits I feel from practicing Yoga Sculpt regularly such as better sleep & less anxiety. I guess you could say I’m a converted yogi!


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