On My [Very] Extended Blogging Vacation


So, where have I been?

While I could go into details, excuses & explanations, there’s really only two words that sum up my absence this past month: life happened.

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my life in a creative way as a means to inspire myself & [ hopefully ] others along the way, so how can life happened possibly be a valid reason for my absence when life happening is exactly what my blog sets out to explore? What it really comes down to is that my life collided in December, scattering in a million different directions – some of it good, some of it bad, some of it exactly what I had dreamed of. I had to reassess my priorities, my values & my purpose – at least for the time being. At the end of it all, there was no time left for the blog. Sure, I had extra hours, but I wasn’t invigorated or energized by the prospect of blogging as I had been before. It all just seemed…overwhelming.

To be clear, I started this blog during what was a lot of downtime for me – no real job & not much of a direction. As life has continued on [ & the need for a solid income ], I’ve explored my next moves & feel like I’ve found something very promising. Now that I’m in a bit more of a stable place, I’m ready to re-commit myself to Adrian James & to my readers. I’ve felt an enormous amount of guilt this past month for leaving everyone hanging without a peep & that guilt has only grown as I’ve let the days go by. Finally, I can say “I’m still here!”

I hope everyone understands my reason for taking a break. The last thing I want to do is to blog for blogging’s sake. As I started my blog & as I want to continue my blog, I strive for a purpose…it needs to feel authentically me…which, brings me to my next admission…I’ve struggled for the past year to make Adrian James feel authentically me. I know I have something unique to offer, but I don’t want to be generic…I want to be me…ideas, clothes, shoes, beauty, inspiration, food, health & all.


I wanted to let everyone know I’m still around – still inspired everyday by the idea of bringing my perspective & vision to Adrian James. This means I have to restructure my life & probably spend a little less time thinking & a lot more time doing. All I ask for is a little time to figure it all out. I’m working on balancing my life & while it gets there, my blog may go through some growing pains.

I may change my posting schedule to 3 x / week instead of 5, or something to that nature. I don’t want to pressure myself or make promises to myself that I cannot keep. Not only that, but I’m working on fresh new content & consistent features for Adrian James…I want more real life & less perfect life.

Can you guys relate? Any ideas of what you want to see or don’t want to see, please comment below as I take these next few weeks to plan out the future of the blog.

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