Dry Brushing 101: Why You Should Start!

dry brushing

Want to increase the benefits of your juice cleanse or just lead an all-over more healthful lifestyle? Dry brushing is the perfect addition to your daily repertoire.

I first started dry brushing about a year ago after I read Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean. I had committed to a serious overhaul in my diet & Dr. Junger touted dry brushing as basically the answer to life’s problems. OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the point is, I think everyone should jump on the bandwagon.


Dry brushing is essentially a “massage” for your largest organ – your skin.

Not only does it exfoliate & slough off dead skin cells, but it is perfect when detoxing as it helps skin to breathe, increasing blood flow & circulation while stimulating the circulatory & lymphatic systems. Translation: nutrients in, toxins out.

dry brushing benefits


 Glowing, smooth skin [ buh-bye cellulite! ]

Improved digestion & kidney function

Decreased bloating

Restful sleep

Increased energy


  1. Pick your brush carefully. You want one that has stiff, natural [ not synthetic], bristles with a slight give. Here is the brush I USE [ I got mine at Whole Foods].
  2. Only brush skin that is 100% dry. No water. No oil.
  3. There isn’t an ideal time to brush. I brush before showering, usually at night. Some prefer brushing in the morning as it gives them an energy boost. For me, it’s calming, but I do sometimes brush twice a day. Play around with what works for you & always listen to your body!
  4. Brush in an upward motion towards the heart. This is the way the lymph flows naturally, so always follow this rule! I start at my ankles, brushing in long, sweeping strokes up each leg & towards the chest. For arms, start at the shoulders & brush towards each hand. For stomach, brush in a counter-clockwise motion. Focus on any problem areas [ back of the legs, anyone? ].
  1. Brush with light, yet firm strokes. Yes, it will be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Skin should feel “buzzed” & be slightly pinkish in color. If it’s red or irritated, lighten up!
  1. 2 is the magic number. Try to brush for 2 minutes. If that seems tedious at first, work up to it. I keep it around 30 seconds per leg & 60 seconds for upper body.

This post originally appeared over on CLEANSE CULTURE‘s blog last Friday [ my absolute fave juice company ]. Check it out HERE! Also check out my review of their signature cleanse HERE. 

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