Drugstore Beauty Buys

Today, I’m sharing my drugstore beauty buys. These aren’t just products that I buy from the drugstore every once in a while – these are items that I have relied on & used forever because they work. A products price doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality; expensive doesn’t always mean better & these products prove it. Essentially, they are my secret weapons that never fail me!

From top left: Ardell Demi Wispies // Goody clear bands // Q-tip precision tips // Cetaphil face wash // Cover Girl clear mascara // Aquaphor // Loreal Elnett hairspray // Purpose moisturizer // The Wet Brush paddle brush

>> Ardell Demi Wispies :: I buy these in bulk. That’s how good they are – not over-the-top like many false lashes that I’ve tried, but perfectly natural glamour.

>> Goody clear bands :: These are essential for braids & ponys if you don’t want a bulky colored hair band in the way of your cute hairdo.

>> Q-tip precision tips :: Use for cleaning up eyeliner & lipstick smudges. These have come in handy lately as I’ve been trying to perfect my cat eye [ unsuccessfully ].

>> Cetaphil face wash :: I used to use harsh acne face washes until one day I realized they weren’t doing anything for my face but making it worse. Cetaphil has been amazing for my skin which I recently realized errs on the sensitive side. I prefer the foaming wash over the original.

>> Cover Girl clear mascara :: I must have been 10 years old when my mom brought this home from the drugstore for me along with a slew of “starter” products after I complained I had no makeup for a school play. It’s been a go-to ever since. Back then I used it as “mascara,” & now I use it to tame my brows, which [ in my opinion ] is essential for any female.

>> Aquaphor :: Where do I start? I love this stuff. I have it in every handbag, on my bedside table, at work, etc. I use it on my lips, brows, cuticles..everything!

>> Loreal Elnett hairspray :: Simply the best hairspray out there. Creates an even spray that isn’t overpowering & you can brush through your hair after you use it without losing hold.

>> Purpose moisturizer :: A lot of moisturizers are too heavy on my skin, causing me to break out, so once I discovered this I haven’t looked anywhere else.

>> The Wet Brush paddle brush :: My most recent find is great to use on wet hair as it prevents breakage & is sturdy enough for my long hair.

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