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Thank you all for your words of encouragement & thoughtfulness regarding yesterday’s post [ see HERE ]. Clearly, I’m not the only one who has gone through something like this & it’s always nice to stay connected on not only the fun & amazing parts of blogging but the less than stellar stresses & road blocks that arise periodically – trust me, the good parts outweigh the bad!

Anyway, since my music selections each month were always a popular feature & one of my favorite things to put together being a music fanatic & all, I knew I’d bring my monthly playlists back for 2015; but, this time it’s in a slightly updated format. You can still listen to my ENTIRE PLAYLIST via Spotify, but I want to start highlighting select tunes each month that I can’t seem to turn off.

You Make Me Feel Good // Satin Jackets: for a dance party [ with friends or solo ]

Talking Body // Tove Lo: for the commute

Add Me In // Chris Brown: for Saturday night [ & if you really like math equations… ]

Ridin’ High // Lee Stevens: for getting over the Wednesday hump [ or Monday, or Tuesday… ]

Manhattan // Kings of Leon: for cleaning out your closet [ literally or figuratively ]

Stuck in a Second // Wildhart: for Sunday afternoon

Work // Iggy Azalea: for working on your…

Click over to the ENTIRE PLAYLIST to hear all 51 songs [ yep, 51! ] Enjoy!

I love feedback, especially about music, so let me know in the comments what songs you loved this month, hated or didn’t see on the list.

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