Bite Beauty

Lipstick is a powerful thing. It can change an outfit, an attitude & add a vibrant pop to an otherwise basic [ but still chic, of course ] ensemble. I love the look of a bright, matte lip, dewy skin, TOUSLED HAIR & a JEANS & TEE pairing with simple black HEELS or BOOTIES. The […]

Beauty Fave: Sephora

When it comes to beauty, I’m a total girly girl – my cabinet is stocked with products, mostly due in part to my love for SEPHORA. It’s basically a beauty lover’s dream: a one-stop destination for cult favorites & new trends in beauty [ charcoal masks! face oils! ]. It’s rare that I go anywhere […]

All About Brows

IMAGE Yesterday, THIS inspired me to drop everything & write today’s post. I am a huge believer that a good brow is the foundation of any face & have been tempted many times to stage brow-terventions on friends & even strangers. Seriously though a strong brow is just timeless & beautiful. My passion for eyebrows dates back […]

Drugstore Beauty Buys

Today, I’m sharing my drugstore beauty buys. These aren’t just products that I buy from the drugstore every once in a while – these are items that I have relied on & used forever because they work. A products price doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality; expensive doesn’t always mean better & these products prove it. […]