Body Image: Plus-Size Is A Dirty Word


Recently, model Robyn Lawley has been receiving a lot of interest over her “rejection of the thigh gap” & her belief that the modeling industry is “promoting starvation.” While I applaud her for speaking out against the standard that many women are up against these days, I’m more interested in the fact that, without knowing it, she is a component of the skewed female perception of body image; the modeling industry may promote starvation, but Ms. Lawley promotes the idea that anything above a size 6 [ a 4 really ] is plus-size.

I get that the world of high fashion has their own set of excuses why they use size 000, 00, 0 to parade down the runway, but why are those models considered “models” or “supermodels”? Why is Robyn Lawley, on the other hand, considered “plus-size”? Why can’t all models be equal? I want a world where Gisele & Robyn are both supermodels.

It’s so sad that there is such a disconnect of understanding between a size 0 & a size 10. For many who are diluted with what the media is selling, the understanding is quite simple: 0 means beautiful, skinny, perfect & 10 means fat, ugly, not good enough.

To combat this misunderstanding, help bridge the [ not thigh ] gap & bring about acceptance of all shapes & sizes, Robyn Lawley needs to be assigned a different title – or better yet – lose it altogether. There is nothing wrong with being her size & I would hope many women would strive for her body in the pursuit of health & happiness. Despite her misnomer as a plus-sized model, our generation is moving in the right direction.

A model, and women’s beauty in general, should never be determined by their size. 

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Tell me – what do you think about Robyn Lawley’s categorization as a plus-size model? I want to hear your thoughts!

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