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Lipstick is a powerful thing. It can change an outfit, an attitude & add a vibrant pop to an otherwise basic [ but still chic, of course ] ensemble. I love the look of a bright, matte lip, dewy skin, TOUSLED HAIR & a JEANS & TEE pairing with simple black HEELS or BOOTIES.

The quest for the perfect shade, formula & brand, while fun [ duh ], can be daunting to say the least. I’ve never really felt strongly one way or the other to a certain brand or color. Then I discovered BITE BEAUTY. I was first attracted to the colors – they are pigmented, rich & hit the mark with color trends. What kept me coming back, though, was the fact that their products are natural & don’t have all the nasty chemicals some products out there have. Oh, also the formulas of the products are just insanely good. Like, stay-all-day good.


My favorite product by far is the CASHMERE LIP CREAM. It’s easy to apply with it’s applicator & cream-to-powder formulation. I don’t know about you guys but I can get sloppy with a giant tube of lipstick, so having something more precise is key – it’s like a built-in lip brush. As for colors, I love Sherry & Rioja. This stuff lasts all day but does not dry out. What a dream! I’m also into the CREME LIP CRAYON – these babies lock in moisture but seriously stay put. Colors to check out include Fraise & Aubergine for the oh-so-in-style deep eggplant lip [ I told you Bite gets it with the color trends ].

Things I’ve heard are good but haven’t tried are the AGAVE LIP MASK & LIP SCRUB [ which, while I haven’t tried, I HAVE smelled it & it smells so yummy ]. I’m sure I’ll be adding them to my beauty cabinet soon as the cold winter months that are about to hit tend to make my lips dry & flaky; dry & flaky is not a good match for matte lip products.

So, which color will you pick for your upcoming holiday festivities?

I wouldn’t be devoting an entire post to them if I didn’t seriously love this brand – just wanted to put that out there as a reminder that I post about what I LOVE for real in the hopes that by spreading my favorite lipsticks I’m somehow making the world a better place? Probably not, but head over to SEPHORA now to check out what I’m talking about. If you still aren’t convinced, check out Grace’s post HERE.

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