Bitchy Resting Face Musings

This post is a long time coming. Remember when I told you, I’ve been busy? Yeah, still busy, but working on it! Anyway, about a million years ago [ ok, 2 months ], HOLLIE asked me to guest post while she was away getting her elopement on. I immediately said yes [ she is awesome & her blog is equally so ] and I immediately knew what topic I would WRITE about.


“Are you OK?”

“Wait, what happened?”

You guys…nothing happened. My face falls that way. And apparently that’s a problem. A super serious one. What’s it called? Resting Bitch Face, or RBF as I like to oh-so-scientifically call it. Suffering from this “dilemma” means that unbeknownst to me, about 9 times out of 10, while it may all be rainbows & unicorns in my head, the outside world thinks one one or all of the below:

a) I’m intensely suffering

b) I’m pre-menstrual

c) My friend just gave away the ending of Scandal’s mid-season winter finale

d) I just got charged $200 for a .7 mile Uber ride


I thought I was in a small majority of people who regularly put forth negative vibes into the world with their facial expressions. According to me, my posse of “no f#@%s given” consisted of myself, Mona Lisa, Kristen Stewart & the late night pizza delivery guy in college. Oh, how wrong I was. More recently, increasedAWARENESS has shed light on the RBF & in turn more & more RBFers have turned up. I mean, an entire episode of Below Deck focused on the DRAMZ that Kate’s bitchy face stirred up. Mo’ RBF = less $, mo’ probz for yachties apparently.

Since I can remember I’ve been rocking my RBF. Check out my 7th birthday video. Well, how could you really, but I’m telling you, it was present. My mom has a picture on her wall of me throwing shade. I’ve found out from now friends that they were afraid of me at first. Really? Most recently, I came across a picture from a certain blogging event & almost shrieked in both horror & hilarity at my RBF. #YOLO

Seriously though, I’ve tried to walk around with a perma grin & it’s just not natural & really no fun; plus, I sort of look serial-killeresque. I have definitely (especially after aforementioned blogger picture), made it a daily practice to be present & try not to be so harsh looking all the time. I’ve found that often, the root of this is stress & being inside my own head. I don’t know, maybe I should just smile for pictures?

As females, society places expectations for women to be happy/smiley/laughy all the time & a large majority just don’t naturally exude this effervescent quality in the form of facial expressions. Without a smile, many just jump to the conclusion that the person is, like, sooo bitchy. I wanted to let everyone know I am sooo NOT bitchy; I am happy, kooky, weird, silly, clumsy & yes … sometimes angry. But you’ll have to look past my RBF to find out.

Enough about my face. How self-centered of me. What do you guys think? Should we embrace the face or do RBFers need to turn that frown upside down?

Do yourself a favor &  head over to Hollie’s blog, FANCYKINS. You’ll be glad you did.

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