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Yesterday, THIS inspired me to drop everything & write today’s post.

I am a huge believer that a good brow is the foundation of any face & have been tempted many times to stage brow-terventions on friends & even strangers. Seriously though a strong brow is just timeless & beautiful.

My passion for eyebrows dates back to my middle school days when I got my first wax, & the aesthetician WAY overdid it. I looked like a total whackadoo [ new word, guys ]. Ever since then I’ve been REALLY picky about who touches my brows. When even some professionals can’t get it right [ as is the case of my poor 7th grade tadpoles ], you have to be careful. Here is my advice for the perfect brow:

Less is more: Go with the natural shape of your brows. Don’t do anything drastic. If you overdid it with the tweezers or want to grow your brows out, be PATIENT. If growth isn’t happening, try out a lash serum & instead of eyelashes, put it on eyebrows. Then go to a professional. Be clear that you want natural & full. Once the natural shape has been achieved by a professional, you can keep it up at home by plucking any hairs outside of that shape.

So once you have a shape, what else?

Darken ‘em: OK, so this is rather new to me, but once I discovered how life-changing dyeing eyebrows can be, I’m a lifetime convert. If you’re in Chicago, ARCH APOTHECARY kills it, but you can always DIY it. I go dark, dark & love it. Seriously, please try this!

Upkeep: Whether you decide to keep getting your brows waxed or maintain them at home, there are a few other tricks to keep in your back pocket makeup bag.

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TINTED BROW GEL // This is great for a quick touch up & the color is universally flattering [ I also really like this ONE if you want to pick a shade ].

CLEAR BROW GEL // Remember THIS post? Quickly brush on brows for a neat & groomed look in a pinch.

EYEBROW PENCIL // For defining the brows! Really any brand works. One with a spooly brush on the end is preferable so you can feather out the color.

BROWBONE HIGHLIGHTER // A shimmery highlighter helps to give the illusion of a lifted brow & bring attention to the eyes. You can also use it on the inner corners of eyes & cheekbones [ I also love THIS which I talked about HERE ].

Extra hints: 

-Grab a bunch of FREE spooly brushes at Sephora for grooming brows. You can also spray one with a mist of hairspray & brush on brows so they stay all day!

-Check out Benefit BROW BARS nationwide for brow waxes, trims, tints & everything in between.


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