6 Lessons I’ve Learned In My 20s…So Far

lessons learned

I’m in England until tomorrow, so instead of my usual Friday Five, I thought I’d offer up some lessons I’ve learned in the first five years of being in my twenties. Take it or leave it ;)

1. Life doesn’t follow a plan…& that’s OK. Growing up, many of us experience a level of comfort that comes with having a set plan; we go to school from about age 5 – 18 & then most of us go on to college. Life seems pretty easy — you go to school & then you get a job, right? Not so fast. Once you graduate life seems to take on new twists & turns. My advice? Hold on & enjoy every minute. Things are not always going to go according to that plan you had in your head…so breathe & smile.

2. Friends come & go…& that’s also OK. I’ve always been the quality over quantity type when it comes to friends, but that by no means counts me out of bad friendships, bitter fights & negativity. I’ve seen it all. Examine that friendship & if it’s worth it to you, work on it; but too many times, people hold on to a friend that is poisonous. In the end, it’s not worth it. Who wants to drag a ton of bricks behind you? Not me.

3. Follow your heart & the rest will fall into place. I’m a big believer in what you put out into the universe is what you receive back. Following your truth shines a positive light on your individual journey & in turn breeds more positivity. If you are unhappy, more unhappiness is bound to make its way into your life. Don’t stay in a bad job/bad relationship/bad situation…follow your heart above everything else & it won’t lead you astray.

4. Speak up about an issue otherwise it’s not really an issue. This one I learned the hard way. I’m a nice person. I try & avoid conflict because I try & avoid negativity, but sometimes you HAVE to face a situation head on & stirring up a little negativity is OK sometimes. Just because you are upset about something, doesn’t mean it’s going to magically disappear unless you confront what’s bothering you. The issue is only in your head until you put it all out on the table. There isn’t a shortcut, unfortunately.

5. Change is scary, but necessary. While I don’t LOVE change [ does anyone? ], I embrace it fully in my life: I went to boarding school, I moved far away for college, I relocated to Chicago knowing not a soul…& I could continue the list. I recently read a study about the “secret” to happiness….wanna know what it was? Happy people push themselves past their limits & comfort zones because they know the pay off is worth it in the end. I’ve known people who are incredibly unhappy, but are scared of changing a situation, so they stay unhappy. Please don’t do this! I promise that change is worth it & it can lead to AMAZING things!

6. Time with friends is as important as time alone. I’m a naturally independent person who absolutely needs time alone to stay sane, but as I’ve gotten older & progressed through my 2os, I’ve realized laughter & time with friends is essential to feeding your heart & soul. Everything can be done alone, but good friends are solid foundations that enrich life. Plus, who else is going to drink with you on a Tuesday night?!

What are the most important lessons you have learned?

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