Monday Motivation

With Thanksgiving days away, I encourage everyone to remember to be thankful this week. While the act of thankfulness is something ideally practiced year-round, the truth is it gets pushed to the side as we rush through our daily lives. It is so easy to think we aren’t the “lucky ones” – that if only this […]

Friday Five

Apologies that I’m just getting this out now as it’s been quite an unusual Friday; spending almost 24 hours without Internet access is terrifying & liberating at the same time. Anyway, I’m home in Cleveland for the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit early this year. Speaking of early, the snow has begun in northeast […]

Bite Beauty

Lipstick is a powerful thing. It can change an outfit, an attitude & add a vibrant pop to an otherwise basic [ but still chic, of course ] ensemble. I love the look of a bright, matte lip, dewy skin, TOUSLED HAIR & a JEANS & TEE pairing with simple black HEELS or BOOTIES. The […]

8 Foods To Eat Now

The changing of the seasons isn’t just about the weather; produce is another mark of seasonality that allows you to experience fruits & vegetables at the peak of freshness. Wouldn’t you much rather eat a crisp, sweet apple from a few miles away or a juicy, ripe pear from Washington rather than out-of-season strawberries? Not only […]

Friday Five

Can you believe it’s already November? I know, I know, typical, “can you believe how fast time is flying by?!” But seriously, I find that while oftentimes my days can drag, my weeks go by in the blink of an eye. I think these coming months are a great time to remember to slow down […]